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So Much For The Sisterhood

Lena Dunham, of HBO’s “The Girls” fame, tweeted this Oscar night:

Show of hands here who would qualify as “The ones who aren’t advancing the cause?” I never know what these “causes” are that feminists are always caterwauling about, and frankly, I don’t think they really know either. They just lurch from one emotion to the next. At best, I gather it’s advancing the cause of “I want to be an independent woman *ROAR* but be well taken care of,” and if that sounds as contradictory to you as it does to me, then join the club of EVERYONE ELSE ON THE PLANET.

Dunham tried to clarify her tweet a bit, but she, by her own admission, made it murkier:

I’m not a member of the Church of Feminists, so I don’t pray at the alter of St. Gloria Steinem and sing the “Girl Power” gospels. That’s their business. But they irritate me something fierce when they go on about “advancing the cause” and “sisterhood” because I know that “sisterhood” doesn’t include me, Gov. Palin, and most of you ladies who comment here. Most of that “bad attitude” gets directed at us because we’re doing the very thing supposedly championed by Ms. Steinem et al.: Thinking for ourselves. If doing so makes me fair game for them to go after my teeth, so be it. I have enough confidence in my coffee stained, slightly worn down enamel, Chiclet Chompers to weather anything they can throw at me. I got a pretty good bite on me, too.

It’s a big playground, my fellow conservative ladies, don’t let them chase you off it.


Tweeting Governor Palin

When it comes to Twitter, my criteria for following folks is that they need to be a friend,  funny, informative or just have a weird spin on the world that makes the day seem a little better. I generally don’t follow people I dislike, for example: Meghan McCain. I gain nothing from her little nuggets of Fool’s Gold amply sprinkled among her daily Twitter feed, and I see no need to harass her about it. Mostly because I’m an adult, but also because I think it’s disturbing to “hate follow” somebody. And some people get their jollies off of it. I’m sure you have all seen the little Nutter Butters that latch on to EVERY TWEET Gov. Palin sends out, right? There are quite a few that are vile, but some others are just ripe for mocking, in the best way a person on the internet can: GIFs and Memes.

Shall we?


The “Insults Intelligence, But Misspells The Insult” Tweet


The “No One Cares!? No, Just Kidding I Do Care!” Tweet


The “I Don’t Understand Social Media” Tweet


The “Trolling For Obama Praise” Tweet


The “Who Wants to Date This Guy?” Tweet


The “Governor Palin Just Owned You” Tweet


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